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Hi, my name is Henrik Elmer and I'm a Swedish comedian.
I work both in Sweden and abroad.

Abroad is mostly the UK, but I've also performed in
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Holland,
Germany, Kosovo, Slovenia and the US.

My last project is a film I've made with my friend Björn Engström
and lots of other people. Maybe you watched the trailer here above.
You can read more about that on meningenmedhugo.se.

I also have a Swedish blog and an English blog.

You can email me on


You can find some clips of me on Youtube,
some in Swedish and some in English.

Here's an old clip from the London comedy club
"Downstairs at The King's Head"
Quicktime - Real Media



Send me an email if you want my newsletter.
Let me know if you just want English newsletters or if you want both Swedish and English.
(I won't send newsletters horribly often)


Here are some pictures of me.



Right now I'm not listing my gigs here.
I used to do that, but I was so bad at updating the gig list,
and it didn't look good with lots of old gig dates.

Instead, you can follow my doings in my blogs.
My English blog is usually only updated when I'm in The UK.
(See links above)



Here's some old stuff:

Read about an unusual gig
with a touristic touch.

Read about some of the great religions our world is blessed with.
(I wish I had written this myself, but it was sent to me by a friend)

And finally, here is my old website.
It looks better than this one but is, for some strange reason, never updated.
However, this website isn't updated very often either...
for the same strange reason.


But what does Flinkultur mean???

is a Swedish wordplay involving the words fin, flin and kultur.

Kultur in Swedish means culture.

Fin in Swedish means fine, elegant, sophisticated or posh.

Flin in Swedish means grin.

Finkultur in Swedish means high culture.

If you combine kultur with flin (grin) instead of fin (fine/posh) you get Flinkultur.

This word doesn’t exist in Swedish (or it hasn’t until now) but it could be interpreted
as comedy culture or entertaining culture. It could also be interpreted as shallow culture,
but I don’t think entertainment has to be shallow. The idea behind Flinkultur is to produce
entertainment (sometimes pure comedy, but not necessarily) which also has something to say.